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"How to Easily and Consistently Pull Money Out of the Market With a Proven Strategy You Can Rely on"

(While Immunizing Yourself Against a Stock Market Crash)

Why This Strategy Works

If you are tired of jumping from strategy to strategy, and tired of not making the kind of consistent returns you know are possible, you have come to the right place.

I can help you.

My strategy takes advantage of the most powerful, consistent, reliable characteristic associated with weekly options, and it does so while absolutely limiting the risks.

If you want to know why this strategy works, watch the video entitle The Power of PPD

Why You Should Throw Away Your Option Trading Books

The simple answer is, you don't need them. The very logical, simple principles I showed you in the Power of PPD video is all you need to understand what is required to give yourself the greatest probabilities of success trading options.

And my 90-day challenge where I conservatively turned $5,000 into $11,105 in just 90-days proves it.

Most option traders are shocked when I tell them I have never once, in my 29 years trading options, never once have I used a Greek calculation, or even the "Implied Volatility" to help me make an option tradeā€¦and I have some pretty impressive trading feats under my belt with option trading, including a 54 trade winning streak, going an entire year without suffering a loss.

My 27% Weekly Option Strategy is Yours, Absolutely FREE

One variations I use to take advantage of Warped Time Value between options is called "My 27% Weekly Option Strategy". And I fully reveal it in this video, absolutely FREE. No gimmicks, no credit card required, no nothing, just push play and watch the video.

My very first trade in the 90-day challenge account was based on "My 27% Weekly Options Strategy". You can see I made $1,000 on the very first trade (and using the same principles, only suffered 1 loss during the 90-day period).

So don't make the mistake and think that because I am fully revealing this strategy to you absolutely FREE that it isn't worth anything. It alone is probably worth far more than every single option strategy you have ever learned combined.

Chris P.

"In the last 4-months, I have pulled out $43,257 in profits on my $50,000 account trading nothing but your Time Warp strategy"

F. Michigan

"This program has been a real joy to use & produced nice steady gains. My broker is impressed by the results. It has exceeded the results of all his program trading systems."

G. Surowiec

"I recently purchased the PDS trade software and I am really enjoying it as I paid for it in one trade last Wed selling a HLF put spread."

Do You Want to Achieve These Kind of Returns?

If the answer is yes, then I have put together a very special "Time Warp Getting Started" package for you priced so that EVERYONE has the ability to start putting the probabilities heavily in their favor.

You will learn very POWERFUL strategies that put the mathematical probabilities in your favor every week. These are the same strategies where clients have emailed me letting me know they have doubled, tripled and even quadrupled their accounts in a very short period of time.

  • Time Warp - Conservative Strategy (Online Video $197)
  • Time Warp - Aggressive Strategy (Online Video $197)
  • Time Warp - Bearish Strategy (Online Video $197)
  • 90-Day Challenge Trade Detail (4 Online Videos $597)
  • 1-Month Time Warp Signals Subscription ($97)
  • 1-Month PDS Trader Subscription ($97)

C. Keller

"So far I have place two calendar spread trades and am close to recovering the cost for this trading software. I like the low risk approach."

Jim A.

"TimeWarp Trading makes the most logical sense to me of any signal service I have seen. And I have experienced the positive results to prove the logic."

Purchase Now While It's Still Available
$1,382 Worth of Material for only $497.00

Each strategy requires very little time (and no market watching), and very little capital to implement. And, at all times, risks are absolutely limited.

My 90-Day Challenge video series details all 15 trades taken in the account during that 90-day period where the $5,000 turns into $11,105, achieving a 122% return in just 90-days. This is a tremendous practical application learning tool showing you the power of my Time Warp Strategies with actual trades.

If you pass this very special offer up, it would cost you over $1,300.

Immunize Yourself Against a Stock Market Crash

While the entire investment world is worried about the stock market crashing, I position myself each and every week so that I am GUARANTEED to make money if the market stays the same or moves down, even crashes. And, in most cases, I make EVEN MORE if the market is up for that week.

With this package, you will learn how to set yourself up to do very well in the most common market conditions, and be GUARANTEED to make money if stocks move down during the week (even crash). PDS Trader Online & Time Warp Signals

Included with this very special package is a 1-month subscription to PDS Trader Online and my Time Warp Signals.

Why the Option Industry is Deceived Into Thinking Credit Spreads are the Best Way to Use Options to Generate Consistent Income

There are hundreds of sites out there that promote "Credit Spreads" as the best strategy for generating consistent income with options. It is no wonder that most traders associate the best strategy for producing efficient income is the "credit spread" too.

So why are even the option gurus deceived into thinking "Credit Spreads" are the most efficient option income strategy? There can be only one reasonable answer. They have all read the same option books rehashing the same old stuff over and over and over again ad nauseum. Which means they have never taken the time to understand the most practical characteristics of options.

Time to Make Time Warp Work for You

Purchase Now While It's Still Available
$1,382 Worth of Material for only $497.00